1. How does Zip Adventures differ from the Adventures Unlimited high challenge course?
It is similar in that you are constantly clipped into a harness and secured to cables by pulleys and carabiners.  Your average height is 40- 50  feet above the ground.
It differs in that you will zip your way through the beautiful forest canopy and over some of the most breathtaking views in Northwest Florida!
2. What are the physical challenges?
You need to be in average or above average physical condition.  You will be walking a quarter of a mile over uneven terrain to get to the each of the start towers.  You will need to be able to climb stairs and steep steps.  Gravity brings you back to the start point via zip lines and sky bridges.  You are responsible for controlling your own landing speed and for stopping before you reach the landing platform.

3. What makes Zip Adventures so unique?
Zip lines have been around for years. We have had 3 zip lines as a part of the challenge ropes course for years. This adventure is unique because it is a series of zip lines, observation platforms, and sky bridges that allow you an experience like the flight of a bird, getting a previously unavailable view of the forest and streams.  We integrate the thrilling experience with an education about the four eco-systems that surround the Coldwater Creek area. We will also show you several historic sites and talk about the hydrogeologic features of the creeks and rivers.
4. What are the dress requirements?
We recommend you wear comfortable outdoor clothing. We require you to have closed toe shoes with a heel strap, and that you tie hair up and away from the neck, no hanging or dangling jewelry, and be ready for the experience of a lifetime!
5. How many people will be in flight group?
We limit the number to 8 participants with 2 guides. This ensures more hands-on safety inspections, one-on-one interpretation and a unique, intimate, high-quality experience.
6. What are the weight limits?
The weight range is 70-250 lb. We specify a weight limit because of the inescapable relationship between the weight of a flier and the acceleration that they can reach, since all of our ziplines guide you using the force of gravity.   Folks lighter than 70 lb may not have sufficient momentum to fully go from platform to platform, and guests greater than 250 lb may have difficulty stopping at the end of each zipline.
7. What are the age limits?
Due to the strength required to brake with your hands and to pull yourself in if you end up short on any flight the recommended minimum age is 8 years old. There is no maximum age limit - if a guest has the physical capability to complete the hikes, climb the towers, and control their speed on the zipline, then they may fly with us.  We have had countless guests aged 65 and older go on our zip adventures.
8. How much time should we allow for the Zip Adventures?  (based on a group of 8)
                Taste of the Tours: 3 hr
                Forest Flight: 3 hr
                Soaring stream: 2 hr
                The Ultimate Zip Adventure: 5 hr
9. When should we plan to arrive for our adventure?
Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. If you miss your scheduled departure time, you will not be refunded. 
10. What if we change our minds about going on our adventure?
Cancellations must be made at least 48 hr in advance. Any cancellations inside 48 hr will not be refunded. There are no refunds given if you change your mind on the day of your adventure. Please be sure you that everyone in your group is mentally and physically able to participate in Zip Adventures BEFORE you pay. If you cancel outside 48 hours, you will be given a refund, minus a $5.00 per person processing fee. 
11.  How much should I tip my guides?
                Our guides are professionally trained to ensure you have an educational and memorable experience. The industry standard for tips is 10-15% of the full price of the tour before any discounts.

12. What  are the departure times? 

Times vary, please call 850-623-6197, 800-239-6864, or use our online reservation portal by clicking here to obtain flight times.

13. Are reservations required?

Yes, each one of our tours is limited to 8 participants and requires two guides. To ensure we provide you the best experience possible, we prefer reservations. If you arrive at our site without a reservation we will attempt to accommodate you on a space available basis.

**Groups of 4 or more can Fly any day of the week .  You must have advance reservations and prepayment.

Adventures Unlimited reserves the right to change flight departure time due to availability.